"Their personalized service is top notch." -- Meg Goodman, BusinessWeek online
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Contact Us At:
118 Wadsworth Avenue
Levittown, NY 11756-5700
phone: (866) 877-BEST
fax: (516) 731-3677

To retain our personalized college counseling service, please send the following:
  • An updated resume
  • Academic transcripts
  • SAT and ACT scores (if taken) SAT subject test scores (if taken)
  • a photograph (for greater personalization)
  • a statement of purpose - your reasons for retaining INTOTHEBEST
  • A check made payable to INTOTHEBEST, Inc., for $75 (This is a retainer fee and is credited toward your first appointment.)
  • The letter of agreement (click here to print), complete it and sign it
  • A completed brief personal history
When you are finished completing these items, please call 866-877-BEST to schedule an appointment. Most clients use two to five hours of consulting time. Our rate is $150 per hour.
Feel free to call or write if you have questions. We look forward to working with you.
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