"Their personalized service is top notch." -- Meg Goodman, BusinessWeek online
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INTOTHEBEST performs strategy and technology consulting for CEOs and program managers to help them launch or enhance companies.

INTOTHEBEST also provides tutoring and has tutored current or former employees of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley for the GMAT.

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Business Plan
Need a business plan to satisfy your board or to raise capital? Call INTOTHEBEST at 917-344-9068. Tatum Studios Testimonial
negotiable from fixed price to hourly to partial hourly and part equity
Information Technology Consulting
Let INTOTHEBEST's experienced consultants help you on your next software or Web development project. Information Technology Consulting  Arluck Promotions Testimonial
varies from $119 to $13,799 for a 1-page site to a 20-page e-commerce site. Hourly rates are also available for custom work.

Tutoring, math, science, finance, SAT
Improve your test scores with private tutoring by someone who aces standardized tests.

Steve's scores:

SAT I: Mathematics 790, Verbal 740, SAT II: 750 Writing, 800 Mathematics IIC; 800 Physics; and 800 U.S. History and Social Studies; ACT 33 Composite.

Tim's scores: SAT I 97th percentile Mathematics, 99th percentile Verbal; GMAT 760 90th percentile Mathematics; 99th percentile Verbal; 96th percentile Writing, 99th percentile overall

99th Percentile GMAT Tutoring
Improve your test scores with private tutoring by someone who has scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT