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INTOTHEBEST College Guide - How Successful Parents Turn Top High School Students Into the College Stars of Tomorrow

by Stephen W. Edwards and Timothy P. Van Hooser (Authors)

Score Higher on the New SAT

The INTOTHEBEST College Guide raises overall essay scores and improves the individual compenents of writing tested on the New SAT:

  • Content Development
  • Word Selection
  • Effective Sentences
  • Focus and Organization
  • Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
Writing ComponentImprovement
Top 33
by 100
Overall Score Change
Content and Development
Word Selection
Effective Sentences
Focus and Organization
Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics

"You wouldn't go skydiving without a parachute, and you definitely shouldn't apply to college without first consulting the INTOTHEBEST guide." -- Doug Imbruce, founder, THE U

"The authors offer advice on the college admissions process, from how to write college essays to tips on how to save and pay for college. Edwards is a portfolio management associate at a private wealth management boutique. Van Hooser is the chief executive officer of INTOTHEBEST Corporation. The authors also write a regular college-counseling column for LongIsland.com." -- Princeton Alumni Weekly

"Princeton University alumni Tim Van Hooser and Steve Edwards have created a science of helping students gain admission to the nation's top-ranked colleges. IntoTheBest's book and website offer specific strategies for choosing schools to apply to, taking standardized tests, writing essays, interviewing, and getting financial aid—for starters. Using case histories and actual entrance materials, ITB removes the mystery from the process by which most top-tier colleges select candidates. Further, they offer a stunning range of resources and personalized counseling. Any high-school student looking to get into an Ivy League school, or the parents of these students, should check out this website first. "-- Robin Hardy, author, Streiker's Bride

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Parental Advisory Notice: The INTOTHEBEST College Guide may cause your child to study harder, to improve their grades, and to apply to more selective colleges. Please be advised, The INTOTHEBEST College Guide was written by Princeton alumni who scored in the top 1% nationally on the SAT and is intended for students in 8th grade through high school.

Potential side-effects may include, but are not limited to:
  • Greater involvement and length of awards ceremonies, as your student will have to walk up to the stage to accept multiple awards during graduation (you may need to upgrade your digital camera's memory or spend more money sending pictures to relatives)
  • Local and national media coverage
  • Your child may finance part or all of college by winning scholarships from the college, which could be worth up to $120,000 over four years
  • Your child may get into a more selective college, which could be worth $400,000 if they go from a rank 3 school to a rank 1 school or $1 million if they go from a rank 8 college to a rank 1 college. For more information, read The Return to Attending a More Selective College: 1960 to the Present by Harvard Professor Caroline Hoxby
Individual results will vary.
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Edition: Paperback: 220 pages

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Featured Reviews

"You wouldn't go skydiving without a parachute, and you definitely shouldn't apply to college without first consulting the INTOTHEBEST guide." -- Doug Imbruce, founder, THE U
Ashley ArnesonAshley Marie Arneson from Cheyenne East High School
The writing suggestions sparked my decision to make the essay more “active.” The section regarding voice made me realize that I wasn’t coming through in my words as well as I’d like to, so I added in things that I would say in normal conversation or letters. I also noticed that some “pitfalls” listed in the suggestions were quietly destructing my essay, so I took the steps to remedy them. -- Ashley Marie Arneson.
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Meagan Kurnat from Lakeview High School
I omitted words in some areas to take care of wordiness. I also added to my introduction to make the essay grab the reader’s attention. I had a punctuation error that caused the sentence to be a run-on. I also had one sentence that wasn’t parallel (apartment and neighborhood=apartment and farm). Overall, I feel that my essay has improved a great deal. It’s not always the huge things that make the biggest difference.
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Joshua Bowden from Paris High School
INTOTHEBEST’s Essay Advice helped me quite a bit in this essay. It brought passive voice to my attention (I tend to ignore Word’s grammar check). It prompted me to avoid a few wordy places and to replace some words with simpler synonyms. Thank you.
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Danielle Rounick from Lower Moreland High School
INTOTHEBEST’s “Essay Advice” improved my writing in a variety of ways. The “What to say” section reminded me to focus the essay on my personality and to try and let the writing sound natural. The “My Style” section was helpful in forcing myself to get rid of many unnecessary words that would have cluttered the essay. The “My Style” section also allowed me to come up with an example of what I was trying to say so that I could incorporate it into my essay as an introduction to make the essay more interesting and easier to understand. The transition phrases helped me to vary my transitions, and I also tried to use several types of sentence structures to improve my essay’s overall readability. I am glad I got a chance to read the “Essay Advice” section, and I feel it enhanced my writing.
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Randall A. Neal Randall A. Neal from Sherando High School
INTOTHEBEST's "Essay Advice" pointed out that you should remain on topic and even though you may have a lot of things to say, keep it to yourself and don’t get off track. This was a good point, because I did and I tended to get off track.
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Morgan Reed Morgan Reed from Maria Carrillo High School
What I learned for INTOTHEBEST’s “Essay Advice” section:
  • After reading the “What to say” article, I have learned that it is very valuable to make an outline. I made an outline that would guide me through this essay.
  • I learned how important it is to stay on topic. I have a tendency to go way off topic, so after reading the advice, I kept going back to make sure that I stayed on topic.
  • In my writing, I have a tendency to add in sentences that try to make me sound smarter than I really am. I’ll start to use big vocabulary (whether or not I know what it means) and after reading the “what’s your style” article, I learned that colleges are more interested in me, than a large vocabulary that I don’t have.
  • I learned to keep the reader in mind as you are writing and don’t make the sentences very confusing. I also learned that it is very important to change sentence structure so that the essay doesn’t get boring and so that the reader’s mind has a chance to rest.
  • I tried to make a snappy introduction because I learned the importance of that by reading the essay advice
  • I learned that it is important to try and switch vocabulary so that the same words don’t get used up over and over.
  • I tried to make a conclusion without just saying “in conclusion”. I learned that it is very important to end the essay well.
  • I learned that “shift + F7” will get a thesaurus
  • I learned that it is important to avoid clichés. I didn’t notice until I read the advice, but I normally throw a lot of clichés into my writing to sound smarter, but this helped me to get away from that.
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Chris Murphy Chris Murphy from Creekview High School
After reading the advice given on INTOTHEBEST.com, I noticed several flaws present in not only this essay, but others I have completed for college applications and scholarships as well. My major problem was assuming that the reader knew what I was talking about. The example of writing tailored to a person from outer space who knew nothing about humans was especially helpful for this. I went back through my essay keeping this in mind the whole time. I also revised some thoughts that were somewhat confusing so that they could be better understood by the readers. Overall the advice was helpful in catching the little errors I was making in my writing. It was the kind of advice that can make a good essay into a great one. Click here to read more of Chris's writing.

Lisa Herbst from Lincoln-Way East High School
***The essay advice helped me to reword some of my sentences so that I did not use the conceited “I” as many times. I also fixed my introduction a little bit to make it more interesting and attention getting. I added “Furthermore” to make the transition from one paragraph to the other more smooth. I tried to eliminate of few words here and there that seemed unnecessary for the essay. Overall, I was surprised to find the advice helpful, and some of it new from what I’ve been taught before.
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