Letter of Agreement

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This contract confirms my agreement concerning services provided by INTOTHEBEST. I understand that the material presented to me by INTOTHEBEST is confidential and for my use only. I will not share it with other individuals or organizations. I also understand that INTOTHEBEST is not, in any way, guaranteeing my admission to a university. The organization has not promised any particular results in connection with the consulting service. In addition, I understand that INTOTHEBEST will keep all information regarding my profile candidacy strictly confidential. I agree to pay INTOTHEBEST $150 per hour, broken into 12 minute segments, payable within five (5) days of each completed appointment. The charges are based on time spent in consultation on the phone, plus the review of any materials, (not including my initial file). I agree to pay a cancellation fee of $75 for any missed appointment, or appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance. I understand that consulting time begins at the scheduled time of the appointment, not when I initiate the call which may be later. I also am responsible for telephone charges, as well as any additional fees such as FedEx, faxing, etc.

INTOTHEBEST reserves the right to serve only clients they feel are completing the application process in an ethical manner. Likewise, I realize that I have the right to discontinue use of services provided by INTOTHEBEST at any time, and that I am only bound to pay for services rendered.

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Please make a copy of this contract for your files, and send this signed agreement with your initial file to:
118 Wadsworth Avenue
Plainedge, NY 11756-5700
866-877-BEST - Phone
516-731-3677 - Fax