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The following is a list of IntotheBest client work and projects the partners worked on before founding IntotheBest. Each listing contains screenshots of the client's Web site, the nature of the client's work, and a description of the work performed by IntotheBest or its partners.
Click here to view the flash montage Flash Development for ArluckPromotions.com
IntotheBest designed a flash montage for ArluckPromotions.com.
Click here to view the flash development for Gary Hall Jr. Flash Development for Gary Hall Jr.
IntotheBest designed a flash montage for 10-time Olympic medalist Gary Hall Jr.
Click to EnlargeMoveMeJoe.com
IntotheBest designed MoveMeJoe.com, a 24-page site with artwork by Swenson Graphics.
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Click to EnlargeChristianLawyer.com
IntotheBest redesigned ChristianLawyer.com and enhanced it from a one-page site to a ten-page site.
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Click to Enlargetextmessages.com
IntotheBest designed a template for textmessages.com with athlete and celebrity promoter David Arluck and wrote the software to automate the process of creating a user account. Within five minutes of signing up you can send e-mail to your cell phone with yourname@textmessages.com.
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Click to EnlargeHFS Office
IntotheBest modified the login to enable Hedge Fund Services to restrict access to the site to qualified visitors and to display content based on a user's identity.
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Click to EnlargeThe Race Club
IntotheBest designed and built TheRaceClub.net with athlete and celebrity promoter David Arluck.
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Click to EnlargeArluck Promotions, LLP.
IntotheBest redesigned and built ArluckPromotions.com with athlete and celebrity promoter David Arluck.
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Click to EnlargeOlympic Gold Medalist Gary Hall Jr. - Official Site
IntotheBest designed and built GaryHallJr.com with Arluck Promotions.
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Click to EnlargeOlive Branch bookstore
IntotheBest redesigned the Olive Branch Web site to bring more customers to the store and to allow the Olive Branch to have more control over the content on their Web site. Previously, the site was covered with advertising and there were price discrepancies between the Web and prices offered in the store, causing customers to become frustrated.
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Click to EnlargeHarbour Coffee Co.
IntotheBest is responsible for the design and enhancement of the Harbour Coffee Web site.
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Click to Enlarge Tatum Studios
IntotheBest traveled to Ecuador to determine the feasibility of creating a company to import Cristian Donoso's furniture from South America to the U.S. The Tatums hired IntotheBest to write a business plan to raise startup capital. IntotheBest was also hired to build and design a database-driven Web site. The Flash and video work was done by a consulting firm in Ecuador.
Click to EnlargeThe Foundation for the Encouragement & Preservation of Family Values, LLC.
As Executive Director, Tim worked with Roey Diefendorf to create the program and established the Web presence with this Flash site.
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Click to EnlargeMarstans
Steve designed and built the site to showcase the furniture available at the four Marstans showrooms.
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Click to EnlargePerfect World Country Club.
IntotheBest designed the site for the Perfect World Country Club. We look forward to seeing you on the links.
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Click to EnlargeVanguard High Net Worth Brokerage Project
While working at Accenture, Tim helped build 10 pages of the Web brokerage site for one of the top mutual funds in America. Technology used: Javascript, Java, JSP, iPlanet, HTML, the ant deployment tool, and Vanguard's custom content management system.
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Click to EnlargeGenertel, a subsidiary of Banca Generali
While working at Accenture, Tim traveled to Italy for 3 months to develop a portal to increase the efficiency and sales volume of car insurance operators. Technology used: ATG Dynamo, HTML, Javascript, and Java.
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Click to EnlargePrinceton Golf
As a student and a member of the team, Steve Edwards created the original design for the Princeton University Golf team.
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Click to EnlargeThe TEAK Fellowship
While at WinMill Software, Tim worked with a team of 5 developers to design and build a Web site for The TEAK Fellowship, an organization that helps academically gifted, but economically challenged, students get into the top public and private high schools in NY and the surrounding area. Technology used: Javascript, Flash, Dreamweaver, and ColdFusion.
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