"Their personalized service is top notch." -- Meg Goodman, BusinessWeek online

Tatum Studios chose intothebest to investigate fine art and furniture in Quito, Ecuador (summer of 2003). After receiving this report on Cristian Donoso's hand made furniture, Tatum Studios decided to move ahead and make plans to create from the ground, a start up business.

Intothebest was asked to create a business plan that was incorporated in a presentation for banks and the Small Business Association in the hopes of receiving funding. Intothebest and Tatum Studios worked in tandem to measure the pulse of the TS vision and identity. We were able to establish a business that met many levels and demands of most start up businesses, plus the added challenge of working with third world countries and being a For Profit charity. Our ethos encompasses far reaching global effects to help the poor and the suffering. With these areas in position we were able to recruit very highly qualified personnel to shoulder a fledgling business.

Intothebest was able to perform under such a diverse and broad spectrum of criteria. Our business-plan encompasses fact gathering, current position and casting a vision for the future. This critical information in an easy to understand format partnered with the web site secured a loan from our first bank of choice and a loan from the SBA within 4 weeks of its completion. Within weeks we were able to purchase a C-2 building of 3000 sq. ft. in the wealthiest county in the U.S. Plus all the financing to renovate. This four prong approach:

1. Fact Gathering

2. Plan & Vision

3. Recruiting Quality People

4. Funding

catapulted Tatum Studios from an idea into a fully functioning, healthy business venture.

Our web site added credibility to our vision. Click to Enlarge shows the earliest fine art and furniture with elegance and good design. Click to Enlarge has had a tsunami effect in reaching people who are discovering what we are about and what our products are in the context of their own homes. This web based business card has proven to be invaluable to getting tons of furniture in front of our clients in the form of a window with no limits, a page that never ends and can be modified with a touch of a key and a press of a button. Never before has delivering a message in a virtual setting been so easy and so useful to serve the client and to serve Tatum Studios.

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