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David Arluck

To Whom It May Concern,

I am very fortunate to have found Tim Van Hooser to develop web sites with me. I am an entrepreneur with a limited amount of capital to spend on marketing, public relations... actually I have little money to spend on anything. So, it is very important for me to build strong web sites that are easy to navigate and communicate my messages effectively.

I have strong opinions about how my sites should look and feel and Mr. Van Hooser has always done an excellent job of executing on my vision. Mr. Van Hooser also has the unique ability among web designers to understand business objectives. He volunteers useful information to help me make design and business decisions.

Mr. Van Hooser is honest about what he knows, the time frame in which projects will be completed, and puts 100% into all projects. I couldn't be more proud of my faces to the world located at:


If you have any specific questions concerning Mr. Van Hooser please call me at: (917) 331-1329.


David Arluck
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