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INTOTHEBEST Free Will Scholarship

Number Value Winning Essay
1 $1,000 Carolyn Noll
1 $1,000 Josephine Icaro
High School Year of Graduation Scholarship Question Number Value Winners Honorable Mention
2004 If you had to start a company to pay for college, what would you do? 2 $250 Stephen Mar and Chad Janusch
2005 What would you do if you had 1 million dollars? How would this influence you or others? 2 $250 Elaine Kao and Naomi Talbot
2006 How does wealth color our view of people? 2 $250 Labrini G. and Lisa Trainor
2007 Would you prefer that your friends display loyalty or brilliance? 2 $250 Denise Carol Gondrez and Melissa Silverthorn Melinda Bernabe
Free Will and Personal Responsibility Contest
Level Number Value Winning Essay Honorable Mention
K-8 (Parents must submit applications for students under age 13) 1 $500 Lindsy Bewley Peter Best-Hall
High-School 1 $500 Jennifer Allen Johnathan Winston
Undergraduate 1 $500 Dominick Riesland Nathan Atterholt

Amber Schauf
Graduate 1 $500 Holly Lewis Adriana Karch

James McGinn
Open 1 $500 John Heney
INTOTHEBEST Scholarship 1
The first IntotheBest scholarship for the class of 2004 is over. There were some outstanding essays, so picking a winner was not easy. Four finalists, eight semifinalists, and one honorable mention were also selected. They have been contacted. Thank you to everyone who applied. Scholarship 1 Details:
IntotheBest Scholarship Winner, Ashley Marie Arneson. IntotheBest Scholarship Winner, Ashley Marie Arneson.
Click here to read the winning essay.
IntotheBest Scholarship Finalist, Meagan Kurnat.Click here to read Meagan's essay.
IntotheBest Scholarship Finalist, Joshua Bowden.Click here to read Josh's essay.
IntotheBest Scholarship Semifinalist, Danielle Rounick.
Click here to read Danielle's essay.
Danielle Rounick
Randall A. Neal IntotheBest Scholarship Semifinalist, Randall A. Neal.
Click here to read Randall's essay.
IntotheBest Scholarship Semifinalist, Morgan Reed.
Click here to read Morgan's essay.
Morgan Reed
Chris Murphy IntotheBest Scholarship Semifinalist, Chris Murphy.
Click here to read Chris's essay.
IntotheBest Scholarship Semifinalist, Lisa Herbst.
Click here to read Lisa's essay.
IntotheBest Scholarship Honorable Mention, Bo Liu.Click here to read Bo's essay.
IntotheBest Scholarship Honorable Mention, Bo Liu's second essay.
Click here to read Bo's essay.

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