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IntotheBest Scholarship Winner, Ashley Marie Arneson. IntotheBest Scholarship Winner, Ashley Marie Arneson.Click here to read the winning essay.
For more information on any of the scholarships, please view the scholarship application and scholarship details pages. High school students are eligible for the scholarships based on their year of graduation. For example, seniors should apply for the class of 2004 scholarships.
High School Year of Graduation Scholarship Question Number Value Application
2004 If you had to start a company to pay for college, what would you do? 2 $250 Apply
2005 What would you do if you had 1 million dollars? How would this influence you or others? 2 $250 Apply
2006 Why does wealth color our view of people? 2 $250 Apply
2007 Would you prefer that your friends display loyalty or brilliance? 2 $250 Apply

Free Will Scholarships

sponsored by Kevin Jerome Gormley
For more information on any of the scholarships, please view the scholarship application and scholarship details pages.

Kevin's brief biography and reason for offering these scholarships:

Kevin Jerome Gormley, a graduate student at the University of Virginia, has tutored individuals for the SAT and has given SAT preparation talks to groups of high school students as a volunteer for Reach for Tomorrow. He believes that any student can improve his/her score with a good game plan, discipline and hard work.

Kevin Gormley scored a 540 on a practice verbal section and was very frustrated. Instead of feeling dumb or average, he decided to study creatively. After taking 5 full SAT practice tests and memorizing 200+ vocabulary words by singing the words and definitions of "Up Your Score", he scored a 740 (800 re-centered) on a real verbal SAT. He achieved a 200 point increase with only about 40 hours of effort.

He later earned a 730 or 99th percentile on the verbal GRE because he still remembered the words from 5 years earlier. Kevin believes that if you can memorize your favorite rap or song, then you can memorize a song with SAT words and greatly increase your score. Regardless of your skin color, gender or previous low score, you can do much better at the SAT or anything if you give it your full mental effort. You do not need "good luck," you simply need creative studying and practice. Start being more confident and dream bigger dreams. link to sample essays
Level Number Value Application
K-8 (Parents must submit applications for students under age 13) 1 $500 Apply
High-School 1 $500 Apply
Undergraduate 1 $500 Apply
Graduate 1 $500 Apply
Open 1 $500 Apply
Later this year, Kevin will publish a book with SAT preparation advice along with the winning essays and many honorable mention essays. Contest winners will receive a free copy of the book and honorable mentions will receive a special discounted price. [By entering you agree to allow your essay, quote and name to appear in print or online publications. All entries become property of the contest sponsor, Kevin Jerome Gormley.]
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The first IntotheBest scholarship for the class of 2004 is over. There were some outstanding essays, so picking a winner was not easy. Twelve semifinalists and one honorable mention were also selected. They will be contacted. Thank you to everyone who applied. Scholarship 1 Details:

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