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Free Will and Personal Responsibility Scholarship Honorable Mention
Graduate Division
Congratulations to Adriana Karch
  Adriana's Essay

Hi Madison, I understand how you feel about your low test score. However, there are other factors that determine a person's successes or failures. There are two things that separate you from the rest. One is your determination and the other one is your positive attitude towards life. Now, Madison , think of yourself as a movie producer and your life is your movie. You are the director and executive producer. Think for a minute, what kind of movie would you like to produce? An inspirational movie with a happy ending? or a movie about failure? Once you define what kind of movie you want your life what kind of variables would you need to include in your movie to get the ending that you want? You are in charge of your movie. You are the executive director, and the producer. The movie is your life. You can do anything you want. You can design your own success. Cheer up kid! Your friend, Doc

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