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INTOTHEBEST Scholarship Winner

Class of 2004
Congratulations to Stephen Mar from Biola University

Scholarship Essay Question

If you had to start a company to pay for college, what would you do?

  Stephen's Essay

Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon.com did exactly that. When starting up a company during college, this formula remains the same: What do students want? One thing students want is to know which classes they should take.

A few friends of mine took the initiative to earn some money, and started an Internet site with information about a local community college’s classes, professors, and curriculum. Starting with three people and seventy dollars, they built a comprehensive website of information about the college. The 20,000 students of the college submit information about at least one class they have already taken, describing the class and rating the class’s workload, professor, and overall benefit. In addition, the students are encouraged to add personal comments about other aspects of the class.

The website now more than pays for itself through on-site advertisements; and in addition to the reviews, has a forum, college classifieds section, and college news.

Starting a similar website at college myself would be fairly easy to do. Because of the flexible work times associated with maintaining websites, I would be able to concentrate on my studies as well as the company. And once I graduate, I could choose to either maintain the site, or pass it along to another student.

Not only would creating this company benefit me, but it would also benefit the students, teachers, and the college as a whole. Students will know which classes best fit them. Professors who take the time to ensure that their students learn best will be rewarded. Most of all, the college would have an efficient student body that takes classes, evaluates them, and works to improve the overall quality of education at the institution.

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