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INTOTHEBEST Scholarship Winner

Class of 2010
Congratulations to Josephine Icaro from The University of Texas at Austin

Scholarship Essay Question

How have you helped a friend through a discouraging time?

Josephine C. Icaro
  Josephine's Essay

  I consider my father one of my dearest friends. He's there to comfort me in times of need, just as I am there to do the same for him. Recently, he went to the doctor, where they discovered a malignant tumor behind his eye. Afterwawrds, he went for his first surgical procedure to remove the tumor. Tears in my eyes, I wrapped my arms around him and asked him how he felt about having surgery. He smiled and jokingly made the best of the situation, saying "It's okay, if they mess up my left eye, I still have another one left. I smiled and hugged him harder. On the day of the surgery, my mother and I waited patiently by his side. Then we waited overnight at the hospital so we could be there by his side when he awoke. Ever since he's been home, I've left encouraging notes and Bible verses for him on the door before I leave for school everyday. I've helped him cope through his trying ordeal. I've been at his side, tending to his needs, and when he needs a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand, I'm always there for him now and forever.

Josephine C. Icaro

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