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INTOTHEBEST Scholarship Winner

Class of 2007
Congratulations to Denise Carol Gondrez from Colorado State University

Scholarship Essay Question

Would you prefer that your friends display loyalty or brilliance?

  Denise's Essay

A friend of mine told me that she had been cheating on her boyfriend for over two weeks. I then began to see her as the most disloyal person Iíd ever met. Another friend I have has the worst attitude toward people at school, but she still gets straight Aís. This shows that brilliance doesnít shine as bright as youíd think.

Personally, in my most honest opinion, I prefer my friends to display loyalty in all aspects to others and me, instead of brilliance. My strong belief in personal value indicates that loyalty is more important. Loyalty has more meaning and more value to it than being brilliant. It shows respect and integrity. Yet these days, not too many people are loyal to those who deserve it. On the other hand, the rare few, who are consistently loyal, gain respect and trust.

For instance, it looks bad when a friend tells me she or he cheated on their boyfriend or girlfriend. Afterwards, I feel as though I really canít trust that person. I think about whether they would go behind my back about an important issue. That is a display of a disloyal, reprehensible move on a friendís part and it makes a bad impression.

Another example is when a friend goes behind their parentís back, or rebels against their parent when it is unnecessary. Those types of actions are just disrespectful. It seems as if the certain person has no sense of loyalty and they donít care if their parents trust them. Loyalty can be the one thing that distinguishes a personís character for the rest of their lives. If a friend cannot be loyal in any aspect of their relationships with people, they are going to be seen as an untrustworthy, suspicious person.

Brilliance is an inconsistent thing. A friend can be brilliant with ideas for activities, or with school and grades. The brilliance isnít always there. It takes thinking to come to an idea. Loyalty is an instinct, in a way. A person just knows what is right to do to be loyal. With no sense of loyalty, a person doesnít have any motivation to persevere and stand for something. Brilliance comes and goes, but loyalty lasts for a long time in friendships and relationships with others.

Being loyal means for a friend to stand up to someone who speaks unkindly about another friend. Being loyal means to tell a person if there is something wrong with a relationship, instead of giving up and going behind their backs to find pleasure and happiness. It means to stick together through thick and thin and be strong, truthful, and trustworthy.

Loyalty is a trait that helps people throughout life. It shows that they can be trusted, and helps with getting good grades and being brilliant. Loyalty is the source of brilliance, and that is why I prefer my friends to be loyal and trustworthy, rather than just plain brilliant.

Denise Carol Gondrez

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