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INTOTHEBEST Scholarship Winner

Class of 2004
Congratulations to Chad Janusch from San Francisco State University

Scholarship Essay Question

If you had to start a company to pay for college, what would you do?

  Chad's Essay

Fortunately, for me, I already own a company that allows me to make money for college. Two years ago, two of my friends and I created a stage and video production company, Anti-Analog Productions. The three of us had previously worked together on community plays, video productions, and other miscellaneous technical jobs. We realized that there could be money to be made, so we decided to join together and make it official that we were now a company. We offer many different services including video editing, event filming, video duplication, technical crew for stage shows and video conversion to the DVD format. We were surprised to see what a large demand there was for our business's services.

Within the time that we began offering our services, Anti-Analog has grown to a very professional company. We applied for a grant focusing on young entrepreneurs. Luck was on our side when we were awarded $2,666.66 to jump-start the company. With the money we received, we purchased a live editing system and a video duplication system. With the new equipment, we are now able to film an event, sell the tapes and DVDs, and cut our turn around time down so our customers can receive their media within a week after the event.

Anti-Analog Productions is a company that my friends and I plan on bringing with us to college. If all goes to plan, the three of us will attend colleges in southern California, close enough to easily keep in contact with each other. We hope that our business continues to prosper and develop further into other fields of media production.

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