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Ivy League Essays and other College Application Essays

At INTOTHEBEST, Inc., we want you to attend a college or university that challenges you and will allow you to fulfill your academic and extracurricular aspirations. An integral part of your college applications lies in your personal statements or essay, where you have great latitude in presenting yourself to college admissions officers. We are ready to make your essays strong and effective with our essay and application services.

Contrary to popular opinion, application essays are not immediately sorted into piles of "winners" and "losers." You are an individual with specific passions, desires, and interests that set you apart from other individuals. The application essay is your opportunity to highlight that individuality.

Please check out some free college application essays to give you some guidelines on how to proceed.

We seek to examine these questions in this section of our site:

Let's work together to put educated pens to paper and well-guided fingers to keyboard.